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I am romantic. I always achieve my goals and never give up. I am a sociable person and a good friend. I am smart and attractive; I have a good sense of humor. I am sporty. My children consider me to be the best mother. I am fond of reading books. My favorite book is “Gone with the Wind”. My favorite piece of music is “Waltz of Flowers” by Tchaikovsky. I live an active life. I enjoy having a rest out in nature. I just love the sea. I am fond of watching old movies and arranging family holidays. I need a kind man who loves children; a person with a good sense of humor. An honest and open-hearted man with serious intentions, a romantic person who is fun to be with. If you are looking for love I will give it to you. If you want to see paradise I will show it to you. If you want a family I will help you to build it.

By my nature I am calm, even-tempered. I am a romantic person in my heart, but I take a sensible view of life. I like goof movies of various kinds. Music is one of my hobbies. It is very important for me to be always and everywhere as I am. And I appreciate this quality in people. In a man I appreciate fidelity to principle, frankness, decency, serious and responsible attitude to his work and to his family. In my opinion he should treat a woman with respect and care. I love children very much, so I would like my future soul mate to love them too.

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I like this life! I can be cheerful – I like parties on the beach, I like traveling, playing sports, dancing. And I can also be serious – I like learning foreign languages. I am fond of pets. When I visit different counrties, I try to know more about animals and nature there. My parents and friends say that I am a very kind girl. I am full of life. I know that if you want something you have just to do it. I am never disappointed, I am smiling and life is good! I am searching for a man with whom we shall make an ideal couple. He is a successful, respected gentleman – I am a beautiful young lady. I shall be always with you and we will make all the other people envy us. I think that family must be as strong as a rock. I want to have a family which can be your support and protection. I dream of a large home full of love and well-being. I need a man that would present me remarkable children that we shall bring up together.

I have started to look for my second half and I am sure that I will find him even if I have to spend much time on it. I want to be with a man who will be not only my husband, but my friend first of all. It may look like a banal phrase, but I am very sincere saying this, these words are coming from my soul. I hope that my chosen one dreams about meeting a soulmate, too. I need love and I am ready to give my all to my future husband. We should crave for each other. We should be scared to fall apart even for a minute. It should be like a child’s fear of loosing his mother. I am looking for a life long partner. I don’t want communicating and falling apart or just relationships. I want mutual love of my future husband and me be a blessing. I know that every normal person dreams about the same things in life, but not everyone is able to admit it. I am a well-bred girl. My character is soft and hard at the same time, I aim to reach my purposes. I have various interests, I enjoy listening to all kinds of music beginning with hard rock and winding up with classics, watching new, old and psychological movies, cartoons are just like a medicine when you are in low spirits. My dream in childhood was to have a house, children, a dog, a cat, fishes and for sure flower beds. Of course it’s in the future for us if you are the person I am looking for. My family at the present moment consists of my parents, my sister and my daughter. I love my family very much. My daughter Yana goes in for gymnastics, she is a very tender and smart child and we never have arguments. I am looking for the man who knows that he needs his wife and children. It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you are intelligent, if your heart wants tenderness, joy and comfort, it’s OK. Of course I won’t be interested in a man who needs just a pretty doll for decorating his house. I do not like men who drink too much. If you feel that there might be something between us, write me. Maybe I am your second half? My rule in a family life is: “You are me and I am you”.